About Us

The charitable foundation HOPE&SUPPORT was registered in February 2023, but its preparation by the founder has been ongoing since March 2022, primarily in terms of institutionalizing relationships with various partners in the territory of Ukraine, despite all the problems caused by the war situation, resulting from Russia’s attack on Ukraine as a free state!

Our Foundation was established for charitable and public benefit purposes, for the enduring service of socially or economically useful objectives, with the main goal being humanitarian activities and support for non-profit organizations in third countries, particularly focusing on Ukraine and Turkey in this year and the following years. In addition to this humanitarian focus, we will also direct our activities towards the implementation of currect accessible grants and subsidy programs of the Czech Republic, EU, UN, World Bank, etc., focusing on higher-level issues in humanitarian activities, social, environmental-climate, new IT+AI technologies, financial literacy, IT literacy, etc.

Another significant activity of our Charitable Foundation is the preparation of support for the participation of primarily Czech companies in programs and projects for the post-war recovery of Ukraine and the reconstruction of the affected region of Turkey after the catastrophic earthquake.

We kindly request and urge individuals, companies, and other entities to contribute in solidarity to our Foundation.

The KEYHOLE SYMBOL in our logo has historically been used primarily as a floor plan o ancient or even more recent buildings and is otherwise perceived as a symbol of hope and ideas.

HOPE signifies for us the faith of humanity in a sustainable life without wars, without poverty, and with the right to a free existence.

IDEA, in this case, represents human solidarity, assistance, and support to those in need, according to each individual’s capabilities on our behalf.