1. One of our major independent Programs is the “long-term patronage” of the development of a hospital in Dnipro, with humanitarian support from Czech companies and their subsequent involvement in the post-war recovery and modernization program of this hospital.

    Currently, this hospital requires assistance with a wide range of essential supplies to fulfil its function as the country’s largest centre focused on comprehensive medical, rehabilitative, and therapeutic care, especially for injured and disabled soldiers from the frontlines, territorial defence of Ukraine, police, and National Guard.

    In order to fulfil its mission and cope with the influx of patients, victims of the war with Russia in eastern Ukraine, this hospital urgently needs humanitarian support in the form of medical supplies, equipment, and technical infrastructure for the functioning of its entire facility. The following is an overview of the required support:

    • Reconstruction of the main electrical distribution centre
    • Expanded equipment for rehabilitation
    • Repair of sewage system, including pumping technology
    • Many new sanitary appliances
    • New electrical wiring and lighting
    • Material for interior repairs
    • Hygiene and cleaning supplies

  2. In addition to our humanitarian activities, which we consider to be our primary mission, our further efforts are focused on developing support for the participation of Czech companies in the Post-War Recovery and Modernization Program of Ukraine. In this aspect of our work, we aim to be a “small part” of the broader international-political efforts to support Ukraine after its invasion by Russia. We want to be a part of a significant Czech initiative to aid Ukraine, with a focus on the regions of Kharkiv and Dnipro. Above all, we aspire to be a “suitable complement” to the specific activities of major Czech business associations, chambers, and unions. As an organization, we will engage in the “dull B2B” work of mutually beneficial connections between Czech and Ukrainian companies, our cities, and regions on both sides.