We are all aware of the injustices and atrocities committed against the population, the killing of civilians, the forced relocation of thousands of children to Russia, the exodus of millions of people abroad due to the state of war, the destruction of infrastructure, and the annexation of territories by Russia happening in Ukraine!

Therefore, after consulting with our Ukrainian and other international partners, we have decided to jointly support the following projects, particularly in the heavily affected areas of Kharkiv and Dnipro:

  1. Contribute to the opportunity to purchase necessary humanitarian aid, primarily including non-perishable food, water in PET bottles, medical equipment for first aid, medications, sleeping bags and blankets, warm clothing + footwear, small generators, and other essential items and equipment.
  2. Contribute to the possibility of establishing the first 5 First Aid and Consultation Centres for Pregnant Women… This involves delivering 2-3 modular habitable segments to each location, equipped with interior furnishings including first aid supplies and medications. The Ukrainian side will provide the necessary foundation and connections to utilities, as well as medical staff and security!
  3. Contribute to the possibility of delivering 5 units of Mobile Water Treatment stations to the most severely affected villages and areas, so that people there have access to clean drinking water, just like we all do!
  4. We are taking on a “small patronage” and want to support a hospital in Dnipro specializing in psychiatric treatment, related follow-up care, and rehabilitation, primarily for members of the Ukrainian army who have suffered serious injuries and psychological trauma on the front lines. Your support will be used for the delivery of hospital supplies, equipment for clinics and patient rooms. Last but not least, it will also help with the gradual reconstruction of individual hospital pavilions.

Banking details for Ukraine:
MONETA Money Bank, account No. 256368837/0600, identifier 202303
IBAN: CZ24 0600 0000 0002 5636 8837