For companies

We rely on you, companies, the most when it comes to your kind charitable contributions to our projects in both countries, and we also have a serious offer for you regarding cooperation with our Foundation:

  1. In case you have “surplus” food, ingredients, goods, products, materials, used vehicles, machinery, and equipment – basically anything you don’t need – please kindly donate it. By doing so, you can appropriately reduce your inventory, offset depreciation, and even deduct it from your taxes. Please consider this, and we will ensure that every item you donate serves the Ukrainian citizens in the most war-affected regions.
  2. Fort those of you who believe that the war will eventually come to an end, please consider donating current products and services with the intention of establishing yourself in the Ukrainian market in the future. We are capable of finding you a local business partner or a related company in the industry in which you can invest financially.
  3. We are also able to recommend companies that are already moving closer to their western borders and would like to further relocate to the Czech Republic along with their key employees.
  4. For large and institutional companies/donors, we are ready to provide individual services ranging from creating a special foundation program or project to ensuring the functioning of a corporate or family foundation.

We will gradually publish specific offers and demands from Ukrainian and Czech companies in the section under the heading “Programs and Projects”.